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Lucas Edwards

^NEW^ Download Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The

In this tail-twitching adventure starring Disney's favorite star, you've got to guide Mickey through seven different areas, (each with two to three sub-stages), as he searches for his missing canine companion. Whether Mickey's searching the Tree-tops, a Dark Forest, or a Cavern, the game's vertically- and horizontally-scrolling, alternating two-player action features oh-so-gorgeous Disney graphics.Mickey's not just another pretty face, though. Magical Quest's graphics are backed up by a tough game with a Marioesque style of hop 'n' bop play. The plot's magical twist is Mickey's ability to swap personas and powers by changing costume. As he battles through the different areas, he earns three different costumes: a Fireman suit, a Magician suit, and Mountain Climber garb.

Download Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The

In the end, Mickey wakes up in bed and finds out that the entire magical quest was a dream. Donald greets Mickey at his bedroom window and says that he found the ball that went missing, requesting that they play another game of catch (implying that Mickey ended up getting knocked out during their earlier game).

It all began innocently enough. Mickey asked Donald and Goofy to help him find an anniversary gift for Minnie, and settled upon a gorgeous antique mirror.Unknown to the unwitting buyers, there is another world just beyond the surface of the glass.Through the magic mirror, all manner of villains, cutthroats and other evils have found their way in, and begun to wreak havoc to steal all the magic they can from the peaceful kingdom of Equestria.In dire need of a hero, the source of Harmony in the kingdom sends for help, only for the saviors to be nothing more than a plucky little mouse, a hot-headed duck, and a dim-witted dog.Will the three be able to save the kingdom of friendship? Only their adventure will tell as they journey through the magical kingdom, and uncover the mystery of the missing magic. 041b061a72




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