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Diablo 2 Boss Drops

An Andariel run is a kill of Act 1 Boss Andariel found in the CatacombsLevel 4. Andariel is a very easy boss to kill for magic finding, and if youknow how to quest glitch her, she drops a lot of good items that you will needfor quite a few end-game builds! Before we get into how to quest glitch her,let us cover some of Andariel's statistics.

Diablo 2 Boss Drops


Taking a look at her level in Hell, you can see it is 75, which opens up thedoor for a lot of great Item drops. Also from above, you can note thatAndariel is very weak to Fire, Physical, and Magical ( Blessed Hammer, Bone Spear, etc.) Damage. As for the other resistances, they are stillquite low so most characters can cut through her pretty easily!

The best part about farming Andariel is that she can drop a lot of variousitems that can help you get to the next level. Whether you need some setpieces or good jewelry to move forward to Hell difficulty farming, Andarielmost likely has it and she is a lot easier to kill than the other bosses!Also, because of the Quest Drop Glitch she drops even better Loot so it makesfarming her even more productive.

If you are playing Solo Self-Found through the game, this is one of the bestbosses to farm in both Nightmare and Hell difficulties. If you are havingtrouble in Hell difficulty, doing Nightmare Andariel is just fine! Listedbelow are some of the high-tier items that she can drop in bothdifficulties.

The first exception to the above table relates to the Countess, an Act 1 bossruling from the depths of the Forgotten Tower located in the Black Marsh.Whereas Runes do not normally appear so early in the game, the Countess has aunique drop table that causes her to always drop at least one Rune. In theNightmare difficulty, she may also drop Runes that are otherwise inaccessible atthis point in the game, although only rarely. This makes her a popular boss tofarm.

I've seen this other question which works out generally, but in the specific case of boss drops, are things stacked in your favour for any bosses/difficulties? I've recently started two monks and a barbarian and I've had two fist weapons and a sickle drop from Leoric, so it's gotten me thinking about this.

For the first kills on a major boss at Normal difficulty; you are guaranteed 2 rares as drops (regardless of MF etc.) Also a comment here suggests that one of them will be a class specific rare, which would explain the fist weapon drops for monks.

take care, this trolls life-less around here will tell you that you need to spend next 10 years of your life to farm bosses and maybe, just maybe, you will get some loot.Now is your decision what you do in next 10 years of course.

i played legacy d2 for SO LONG i cant even countbut here in d2r all i get in hell are items of normal dif qualityarmors, weapons, anything is just of lvl 1-20so even if i have the luck of rolling set or unique it is just uselessi play every day since launch for some hours.i have seen ONE BASE shako white, that was it, not even another drop sinceone laqcuered plate bluei really think something is offin hell and only crap from normal drops i dont understand

Unfortunately, players are going to immediately be forced to take on the game's toughest bosses if they need to redo their stats. There are four essences required and each one drops off of the five bosses (two bosses drop the same essence). The odds are as follows based on community experience:

Below is a quick reference list of legendary items that have specific drop sources. While most of the legendaries in game are aquired from random loot drops from Monsters, Chests, and Destructible Objects, there are some items that have certain requirements in order to obtain the item.

We (as players) have seen Soul Shards drop before! During the annual Darkening of Tristram event, the Red Soul Shard drops from the Dark Lord (Diablo himself). This Shard was the first (and only, before 2.7.2) legendary gem that allows socketing; it also provided a killer transmog effect that you can admire in our header!

The Pursuer is a boss in Dark Souls 2. A giant, aggressive knight that relentlessly "pursues" the player. Heavily armored in black, it wields the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword with a corresponding "heavy hitter" moveset. He can move very quickly for such a large enemy, and can, in particular, close rapidly on the player from a distance.

Can be encountered in multiple locations as a miniboss if playing SotFS. After the main boss fight in Forest of Fallen Giants, these secondary encounters are not explicit boss fights and do not grant as many souls as the first encounter. In addition, it will already be in it's powered-up "curse" mode, allowing it to use its powerful Dark Magic attack. These versions generally drop 1 Twinkling Titanite, and will vanish into the ground if you leave the area they spawned in. In NG+, the Pursuer will appear more regularly.

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