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Lucas Edwards
Lucas Edwards

How to Get Amazing Metal Tones with Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack and EZmix 2

new launcher. ezmix 2s stylish graphics make mixing both easy and enjoyable even for the most novice enthusiast. youll be able to quickly navigate settings, access signal chains, and manipulate effects without the need for clicking through confusing menus.

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*improved interface. ezmix 2s easy-to-navigate interface guides you step by step through the various options the final result of which is an unmatched sound thats as natural and easy to blend into your audio mix as it is to create.

*zip pack giveaway. youll need to be quick. get ready to receive 10 ready-made settings of your choice in zip format. and as if that wasnt enough, youll also receive a download key for ezmix 2, which will allow you to save some money and have a perfect set of presets right away.

*crushing music to the max. toontracks metal guitar gods 3 ezmix pack includes a series of tones ranging from metallic rhythm tones to stunning lead tones. with just a click of a button, you can quickly switch between the settings without ever having to close the application. the settings have been meticulously chosen to ensure that you can simply click on a preset and instantly get your sound.

*optional mixers. mixing these vintage tones can be tricky, so toontrack includes some additional presets for certain effects that are used to enhance certain tones. for example, the clean tone > vintage reverb preset is perfect for classic cleans, while the vintage guitar effect > clean tone > heavy tone > vintage tone is perfect for a classic rock guitar tone.




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