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Lucas Edwards

Where To Buy Men's Swimwear

BANG! is a line of designer menswear established in Miami, USA since 2014, featuring premium men's swimwear, men's underwear, athleisure and casual wear. Our complete range of beachwear styles are cut and shaped with our signature 'PERFECT-FIT' guidelines and developed specially to showcase and stylize the male body shape. We offer multiple options of high-quality and carefully crafted men's swimsuits, beach shorts, and boardshorts. Poolside style is what we do best. The beach is our playground and our stage. And when the sun's out BANG! calls for showtime.

where to buy men's swimwear

With roots dug deep in the rhythm of Miami, Le Club was born with the conviction that perfect (shorts) can exist. Alive with the spirit of Miami, our now global swimwear line stitches together the tropical spirit of our hometown with innovation, craftsmanship, a sincere passion for exceptional quality, and an unquenchable zest for life.

Bondi Joe is inspired by the Australian lifestyle, and our cultural home of Bondi Beach. Our range of mens swimwear extends from classic black shorts to vibrant patterns with pink, whites and blue colours. They have a functional design and lots of pockets, and a drawstring waste to add style and improve the comfort over traditional bathers.

As Men's Health's Deputy Editor, Commerce, Christian Gollayan oversees all shopping content on He relocated back to New York by way of Portland, where he was the Associate Managing Editor at Christian's work has also been featured in InStyle, Food & Wine, the New York Post, and Tatler Asia.

Make a splash with our seasonal swimwear. Our range will keep you well outfitted and as comfortable as possible in and out of the water. From relaxed days poolside to long hot days at the beach, the summer vibes never end. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Our swimwear is made with recycled polyester, which means the polyester fibres are created by taking plastics from landfill and mechanically breaking them down and chopping them into small pieces. The chopped up plastic is melted into pellets and then spun into thread.

Growing up on the beach, the founders of Fair Harbor had instilled in them a love and respect for the ocean. They refer to their hometown as a barefoot community, where all you need was a swimsuit and a bike. They wanted to do something positive about the growing plastic waste problem, so they started Fair Harbor.

Seeing all the plants and trees growing back stronger, she created Palma Swim. A line of swimwear representing all the palm trees that stood and the ones that will stand in the future. Helping to remind people of the beauty to be enjoyed.

What we really love is that they have their own return program. Rizcycle allows you to return your old swimwear shorts for a voucher, and they will rehome, repair, or recycle them. Plus, they will repair your recycled boardshorts for as long as you have them.

You can make a difference just by choosing to buy swimwear made from recycled fabric. There are many different types of swimwear fabrics made from recycled materials like Econyl and Repreve. Take a look at our Buy Recycled Brand Directory too.

If you are interested in knowing more, then check out our guide to the future of swimwear. Or check out 35 brands making recycled swimwear for women and 16 Brands Making Gorgeous Recycled Swimmers For Your Kids.

Blueman is the first swimwear manufacturer to launch men swim trunks on the market. They were created in the 1990's and the design was inspired by the fighting shorts of David Azulay friend, who was a fighter. David and his stylists adapted the cut to the beach and included them into their collection. Man swim trunks, or in other words sunga, is famous all over the world today and Blueman is one of the trendsetting companies in the men's swimwear fashion. 041b061a72




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