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Lucas Edwards
Lucas Edwards

His Middle By Morticia Knight

After graduating from a drama school in London, Christie rose to fame as the aspiring knight Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. She's since starred as Commander Lynne in the final Hunger Games film, played Captain Phasma in the recent Star Wars trilogy, and appeared as Lucifer Morningstar in the recent Netflix hit The Sandman. Next she's set to join the Apple TV+ drama Severance in its second season.

His Middle by Morticia Knight

Two cousins and knights, Palamon and Arcite, are captured and imprisoned by Theseus, duke of Athens, after being found unconscious following his battle against Creon. Their cell sits in the tower of Theseus' castle, with a window which overlooks his palace garden. The imprisoned Palamon wakes early one morning in May and catches sight of Emelye, who is Theseus's sister-in-law, below in the courtyard picking flowers for a garland. He instantly falls in love with her, wondering if she is human or a goddess; his moan is heard by Arcite, who then also wakes and sees Emelye. He falls in love with her as well. This angers Palamon, who believes that he claimed her first. Arcite argues that he also loved Emelye before it was even established that she was human, and adds that love obeys no rules anyway.

When something inside him is shattered by an act of violence, Caleb Tomas doesn't think he can ever be whole again. Police Officer Jesse Martin has lived in the small town of El Jardin, New Mexico, for a decade, but he's never seen anything like the mysterious man who moves in in the middle of the night. The house across the street from Jesses trailer is no longer empty. there's a puzzle waiting to be solved there in the form of one sexy, but decidedly different, man. Bruised and battered inside and out, Caleb Tomas flees to the town of El Jardin in the hopes of escaping the terror that haunts him. Instead, he becomes more of a recluse, scared of everything, unable to get more than a dozen feet past his porch before he panics. His heads a mess, and he knows he needs help, but thats a step he doesn't want to take. Its easier, safer to stay hidden away with only his adorable puppy, Loopy, and the bird-murdering cat, Mix, for companionship. But Caleb can't help but notice the sexy man across the street, and when Loopy escapes from the back yard, its Jesse Martin who comes to the rescue. And he might save more than one bouncy little poodle, if Caleb and Jesse are willing to take the risk.

All Logan wants is to run his lodge and to find two loving people to share his life with. However, living in the middle of nowhere in Montana makes finding the right people difficult. Well, difficult until Anderson and Erin step off a private plane and land right in his lap. 041b061a72




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