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Everything You Need to Know About Captain Vyom Hindi TV Serial All Episodes

Captain Vyom Hindi TV Serial All Episodes

If you are a fan of science fiction and superheroes, you might have heard of Captain Vyom, a popular TV show created by Ketan Mehta in the 90s. It was one of the first Indian shows to explore the genre of space adventure and futuristic technology. It starred Milind Soman as the titular hero, along with a star-studded cast of actors like Rahul Bose, Madhu Sapre, Tom Alter, and more. In this article, we will give you an overview of Captain Vyom Hindi TV serial all episodes, including its plot summary, review, and analysis. We will also tell you where you can watch this classic show online.

Captain Vyom Hindi Tv Serial All Episodes

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What is Captain Vyom?

Captain Vyom is an Indian television series that aired on DD National in 1998. It was directed by Ketan Mehta and produced by Maya Entertainment Ltd. The show was set in the year 2123, when humans have conquered the solar system and established space stations on several planets. The earth is governed by World Government, headquartered at Delhi. The show follows the adventures of Captain Vyom, a super soldier who is assigned by World Government to capture 12 dangerous criminals who have escaped from a prison on Io, the moon of Jupiter. The criminals have acquired superpowers from an unknown life-form that entered the prison through Maya, a new jailer who later joins Captain Vyom's team.

Who are the main characters?

The main characters of Captain Vyom are:

  • Captain Vyom (Milind Soman) - The protagonist of the show, a super soldier who has mastered yoga and acquired superpowers. He is unaware of his parents and considers himself an orphan. He is brave, loyal, and compassionate.

  • Lieutenant Maya (Kartika Rane) - A young woman who becomes the new jailer of Io prison, where she unknowingly carries an alien life-form that awakens the 12 criminals. She later joins Captain Vyom's team as an expert in criminal psychology.

  • Pablo (Vinod Pandit) - The pilot of Ulka, the spaceship developed by Fuller that Captain Vyom and his team use to travel through space. He is witty, humorous, and friendly.

  • Captain Blaze (Aarav Chowdhary) - The weapons expert of Captain Vyom's team. He is skilled in using various kinds of firearms and explosives. He is brave, confident, and aggressive.

  • Dr. Zen (Divya Palat) - The medic of Captain Vyom's team. She is responsible for healing the injuries and illnesses of the team members. She is intelligent, caring, and calm.

  • Fuller (Sanjeev Vatsa) - The engineer of Captain Vyom's team. He is the inventor of Ulka, the spaceship that can travel faster than light. He is also good at hacking and repairing various devices. He is smart, creative, and curious.

  • Syd-E (Shehzaad Saeed) - The android of Captain Vyom's team. He is a humanoid robot that can perform various tasks and functions. He is loyal, obedient, and logical.

  • Surya (Jeto Sanjana) - A young boy who joins Captain Vyom's team as a stowaway. He has a mysterious past and a connection with Captain Vyom. He is adventurous, mischievous, and brave.

  • Vishwapramukh (Tom Alter) - The world president who assigns Captain Vyom to capture the 12 criminals. He is wise, authoritative, and benevolent.

  • Astro Guru (Shrivallabh Vyas) - The oldest and wisest man in the world who lives on Mars. He is also a scientist and astrologer who tries to integrate physics and philosophy. He helps Maya to understand the alien life-form.

  • The 12 criminals - The antagonists of the show who escape from Io prison with superpowers from the alien life-form. They are:

  • Teja / Tejang (Aditya Sharma) - The keeper of light who can manipulate light waves and create illusions.

  • Mohini (Malvika Singh) - The hypnotist who can control minds and emotions.

  • Paras (Abhimanyu Singh) - The alchemist who can transform matter into different forms.

  • Morpho (Andy Tharane) - The shape-shifter who can change his appearance and size.

  • Kineto (Ravi Khore) - The master of telekinesis who can move objects with his mind.

  • Sonic (Dino Morea) - The lord of soundwaves who can create sonic blasts and vibrations.

  • Venom (Madhu Sapre and Achint Kaur) - The toxicologist who can produce deadly toxins and antidotes.

  • Chhalasur (Faredoon Dodo Bhujwala) - The illusionist who can create realistic holograms and projections.

  • Durgati (Sushmita Mukherjee) - The biologist who can create mutant creatures and plants.

  • Computo (Rukee Dadachanji) - The cyborg who can interface with any computer system or device.

  • Gravito (Joy Fernandes) - The gravity expert who can manipulate gravity fields and levitate objects.

  • Vikaal / Chronos (Rahul Bose and Ken Philips) - The space and time-traveler who can warp space-time continuum and travel to different dimensions.

Where can you watch Captain Vyom?

Captain Vyom Hindi TV serial all episodes are available online on YouTube on Maya Entertainment Ltd's official channel. You can also watch some episodes on MX Player. There are 54 episodes in total, each lasting for about 24 minutes. You can binge-watch this classic show for free anytime you want.

Plot Summary

The escape of the 12 criminals

The show begins with Maya traveling from Earth to Mars to meet Astro Guru, who tells her about the alien life-form that has entered her boots during her journey. She then travels to Io, where she becomes the new jailer of the most secured prison in the solar system that holds the 12 most dangerous criminals in an incapacitated state. However, the alien life-form activates their powers and they break free from their cells using their abilities. They also cause a meteor shower on Io that damages the prison's security system. They then escape to different planets in search of their own goals or revenge against World Government.

The mission of Captain Vyom and his team

Vishwapramukh learns about the escape of the 12 criminals and assigns Captain Vyom to capture them before they cause havoc in the solar system. He gives him a team of specially-trained soldiers with different skills and abilities: Pablo, Maya, Blaze, Zen, Fuller, Syd-E, and Surya. They travel in Ulka, a spaceship that can travel faster than light using Fuller's invention called "Fuller Drive". They also have access to various weapons and gadgets developed by World Government's scientists. They face various challenges and dangers as they pursue each criminal across different planets such as Mercury , Venus , Saturn , Pluto , etc.

The twists and turns of the story

As Captain Vyom and his team chase the 12 criminals, they encounter various obstacles and enemies along the way. They also discover some secrets and mysteries about their own pasts and identities. For example, they learn that Captain Vyom is actually the son of Vishwapramukh and Shakti, a powerful woman who was once a part of World Government but later rebelled against it. They also find out that Surya is actually a clone of Captain Vyom, created by Durgati using his DNA. They also realize that the alien life-form that gave powers to the criminals is actually a part of a larger cosmic entity called Shaktimaan, who is trying to destroy the solar system. They also face some moral dilemmas and conflicts among themselves, such as whether to kill or spare the criminals, whether to trust or betray each other, and whether to follow or disobey orders.

Review and Analysis

What makes Captain Vyom unique?

Captain Vyom is one of the first Indian TV shows to explore the genre of science fiction and superheroes. It was inspired by various Western and Indian sources, such as Star Trek , Star Wars , Superman , Ramayana , Mahabharata , etc. It was also one of the first shows to use computer graphics and special effects to create a futuristic and realistic world. It had a large and diverse cast of actors, who played different roles with different personalities and backgrounds. It also had a complex and engaging storyline, that combined action, adventure, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, and philosophy. It was a show that appealed to both children and adults, as it had elements of fantasy, imagination, education, and entertainment.

How does Captain Vyom reflect Indian culture and values?

Captain Vyom is not only a sci-fi show, but also a show that reflects Indian culture and values. It incorporates various aspects of Indian mythology, history, geography, religion, spirituality, science, art, literature, etc. For example, it uses names like Vyom (sky), Maya (illusion), Surya (sun), etc., that have significance in Hinduism . It also shows various places like Delhi , Ladakh , Varanasi , etc., that have historical and cultural importance in India. It also depicts various concepts like yoga , astrology , karma , dharma , etc., that are part of Indian philosophy. It also celebrates various festivals like Holi , Diwali , etc., that are part of Indian tradition. It also showcases various forms of Indian music , dance , poetry , etc., that are part of Indian culture.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Captain Vyom?

Captain Vyom has many strengths and weaknesses as a TV show. Some of its strengths are:

  • It has a creative and original premise that combines sci-fi and superheroes with Indian elements.

  • It has a talented and charismatic cast of actors who play their roles convincingly.

  • It has a thrilling and suspenseful plot that keeps the viewers hooked.

  • It has a good balance of humor and seriousness that makes the show enjoyable.

  • It has a positive message of courage, justice, teamwork, and humanity that inspires the viewers.

Some of its weaknesses are:

  • It has some technical glitches and errors that affect the quality of the show.

  • It has some clichés and stereotypes that make the show predictable.

  • It has some inconsistencies and loopholes that make the show confusing.

  • It has some violence and gore that make the show disturbing.

  • It has some outdated and irrelevant aspects that make the show outdated.


Why should you watch Captain Vyom?

You should watch Captain Vyom if you are looking for a TV show that is:

  • Innovative and original

  • Entertaining and engaging

  • Culturally rich and diverse

  • Educational and informative

  • Inspirational and motivational

Captain Vyom is a TV show that has something for everyone. It is a show that will take you on an amazing journey through space and time. It is a show that will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel. It is a show that will make you proud of being an Indian. It is a show that will make you love Captain Vyom.


  • How many episodes are there in Captain Vyom?

There are 54 episodes in Captain Vyom Hindi TV serial all episodes.

  • Who played Captain Vyom?

Milind Soman played Captain Vyom in the TV show.

  • Where can I watch Captain Vyom online?

You can watch Captain Vyom online on YouTube on Maya Entertainment Ltd's official channel or on MX Player.

  • Is there a remake or sequel of Captain Vyom?

In June 2022, it was announced that Brewing Thoughts Pvt Ltd has acquired the remake rights of Captain Vyom from Maya Entertainment Ltd. They have announced that they will make 5 films and 5 seasoned shows on the 1998 TV show. Talks are on with young A-list stars and top filmmakers to helm the project. The first film of the Vyom franchise is expected to go on floors next year.

  • What are some other similar shows to Captain Vyom?

Some other similar shows to Captain Vyom are Shaktimaan , Aryamaan - Brahmaand Ka Yodha , Antariksh - Ek Amar Katha , Aaryamaan - The Warrior Of The Skies , etc.




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