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Hunter Perez
Hunter Perez

One Piece 766 - ONE PIECE [GER-JAP]23:36 Min WORK

When laparoendoscopic surgery is not an option, the open posterior approach represents an acceptable alternative.293, 294 This approach involves placing a large mesh piece posterior to the transversalis fascia via a trans-inguinal incision (Rives), or a muscle-splitting incision (Kugel and Wantz) or a lower midline incision (Stoppa).295 A report of 58 Stoppa operations for recurrence reported an overall rerecurrence rate of 12%.296 Nearly two-thirds of these occurred in the first few years after the technique was introduced at the study site. Further experience with the technique halved the rerecurrence rate in the same study.

One Piece 766 - ONE PIECE [GER-JAP]23:36 Min





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