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Hunter Perez
Hunter Perez

Tiny Teen Bikini Pic

We have to admit that despite Paulina's questionable antics, we are obsessed with her cute bikinis! On this trip she wears an adorable yet sexy strapless suit which is accentuated by jade embellishments. We must ask this again: How many swimsuits does Paulina Gretzky own??

tiny teen bikini pic

And the other day, Mike and I were at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove, and we found Sun-Kissed face-out in the new teen books section. So cool! The other week, they had NO copies of ANY of my books and I was CONVINCED my career was over. Yes, I take the temperature of my career by how many books B&N stocks. But then we went back a week later, and they had stacks of Skinny-Dipping, Sun-Kissed and Blue Bloods! So I asked the B&N lady how the books were doing and she said they had SOLD OUT of everything the other week and had to ORDER MORE. They were down to the LAST copy of The Au Pairs, even. 041b061a72




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