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Lucas Edwards
Lucas Edwards

Voyager Star Trek Torrent

Secondly, on this private tracker, if any season is ended, the last episode is NOT available individually but only in season pack. Is possible to configure Sonarr to grab the whole season pack or maybe start the torrent and set the unwanted episodes as IGNORED/SKIPPED in uTorrent?

Voyager Star Trek Torrent

Key InfoTotal torrent size is 28.1GbContains 38 GamesAboutThis contains all the star trek games from 1992 till 2009 (not including STO) each game is in a individual rar so you can pick and choose your game. There are some pre-1992 games but I've been completely unable to find them but I'm continuing to hunt for them.Most of the early game will not work in a modern system so either you will have to run a vm or like me still have a old win98 pcGames that need them have cracks but most of the older stuff didn't have any drm.ContentsStar Trek 25th Anniversary (Floppy) RipStar Trek Judgment Rites (Floppy) RipStar Trek 25th Anniversary Enhanced CD RomStar Trek Judgement Rites Collector's EditionStar Trek KlingonStar Trek The Next Generation - A Final UnityStar Trek BorgStar Trek Deep Space Nine - HarbingerStar Trek Judgement Rites CD Rom Edition (White Label)Star Trek Captain's ChairStar Trek GenerationsStar Trek PinballStar Trek Starfleet AcademyStar Trek Starfleet Academy - Checkov's Lost MissionsStar Trek Starship Creator DeluxeStar Trek The Next Generation - Klingon Honor GuardStar Trek Hidden EvilStar Trek Starfleet CommandStar Trek The Next Generation - Birth of the FederationStarship Creator Add-On PackStar Trek ArmadaStar Trek Deep Space Nine The FallenStar Trek Klingon AcademyStar Trek New WorldsStar Trek Voyager - Elite ForceStarship Creator Warp IIStar Trek Armada 2Star trek Away TeamStar Trek Commanders Edition Bonus+Manuals+Patchs CDStar Trek Deep Space Nine - Dominion WarsStar Trek Starfleet Command 2 - Empires at WarStar Trek Starfleet Command 2 - Orion PiratesStar Trek Voyager - Elite Force Expansion PackStar Trek Bridge CommanderStar Trek Starfleet Command 3Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force 2Star Trek LegacyStar Trek D-A-C (Deathmatch. Assault. Conquest) 350c69d7ab




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