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Hunter Perez
Hunter Perez

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These numbers are decent, but we want to do even better. We have developed great bar prep programs to maintain our status as a school with a top bar passage rate. We believe our community service mandate will allow more networking for future jobs. I also make a pitch every time I talk to alums and other lawyers that they should be hiring our students. Our new per hour student research program is also providing needed experience and again networking. And as we implement our increasingly skills based curriculum, we believe our students will be even more competitive in the law and law-related marketplace.

buy specialized pitch pro 2011

In a recent article in the Economist [September 3, 2011], the editors talked about a recent books that argued that the number of lawyers has been kept artificially low for decades. Barriers should be lifted; prices for services should go down; alternatives to traditional fee paying must be explored. 041b061a72




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